Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to The Framing Edge

Welcome to the Framing Edge blog and store support site.

My name is Gordon van Vliet and I recently assumed ownership of a small custom picture framing shop in Webster, New York.

Michael Burdick is our Master Framer and has been working at his craft for 22 years. He is excellent both in helping you, our customer, in choosing an aesthetically pleasing frame for your art or collection and then in constructing the frame itself. Michael takes great pride in his work and rightfully so.

One of the new things that I have initiated in the store is showing some fine art done by local artist in the Western New York area.

Chris Kolupski is a talented artist in several ways. He is a successful illustrator, having spent years working for an international magazine and continuing on a free lance basis while also doing fine portraiture and mural work. He has consented to doing some small and affordable pieces just for our store. These begin at $100 unframed and Michael can help you choose an appropriate frame.

Here are two examples and would display well together. "Encounter" on the left and "Tryst" on the right. They display both talent and an artist insight into relations. Both are painted in fine oils on an artist panel. Chris will be at the store to discuss his work in the near future and I will let you know the times so you can stop in and meet the artist.

Encounter 8"x10" BID NOW

Tryst 8"x10" BID NOW

If you would like to discuss acquiring a work by Chris Kolupski please call Michael at the store. The telephone number is 585-787-2150.