Friday, June 26, 2009

Small Painting Restored

This small painting belonged to a soldier from the 60's. He had purchased it as a souvenir of his time overseas. It had been damaged by fire(smoke) and water. After cleaning it was evident that much paint had been lost. The customer could not afford a full restoration but for a small price we were able to clean it restore some of the lost paint and varnish the piece. The customer was delighted and we were happy to restore some memories.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Frame Restoration Followup

Some news of interest: We are now showing some occasional fine art pieces at a restaurant in Penfield.

Please vist and enjoy our friend Steve's fine breakfast and lunches.

Steve's Place
1694 Penfield Rd
Rochester, NY 14625



In the last post I show a recent restoration project.
At the right you can see the restored frame.

Here is the frame prior to restoration.

Here are some close ups of finished corner work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frame Restoration

Recently a client brought in this frame to be restored. It is a beautiful antique oak leaf and acorn motif with a wonderful aged bronze finish. Michael Burdick, our expert frame and frame restorer undertook the restoration process.

In photo no. 2 you can see easily the extensive damage. Special fillers are used as appropriate for this type of frame.

In photo no. 3 you can see a close up of the damaged corner and photo no. 4 shows the carved details that Michael is so skilled at.

After this the process involves undercoating and shading to achieve the proper under tone. Then the back ground shade is applied. Following the steps to do this then highlights are added, then aging and blending of patina.

The overall effort is not new, but restoration to eliminate damage, leaving that highly desirable aged patina, but in flawless condition. It all takes many hours, but the final result is well worth the effort. The client was immensely pleased with the final result.

Bring in your old and cherished frames for repair of any defects.

We also restore paintings. Gordon van Vliet is our in house expert at painting restoration.